Delivery Route Planner For Furniture Retailers

Gomove One routing software makes it easy to optimize routes for multiple drivers, keep customers updated, and get proof of delivery.

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Gomove One Platform

"You don't need a great understanding of the software to track and plan our routes. You can get started immediately."

Dennis Woods / Business Owner

Create and distribute routes for multiple drivers

Got a list of stops and a list of drivers? That's all you need – with Gomove One, you can create perfect routes and invite your drivers in less than 5 minutes.

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Collect proof of delivery

Need to know who signed for that package? Every time your drivers make a stop, they can collect recipient names, signatures, and photo proof, which can be easily managed from your dashboard.

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Send automatic delivery updates to your customers

Let your customers know exactly when your courier will be at their door – they can say goodbye to full day delivery windows!

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How CDI Furniture Saved more than 20% in delivery costs

When CDI Furniture started using Gomove One, his furniture business became streamlined. Everything he needed for route optimization and tracking was available in the Gomove One routing software.

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Simplify your delivery operation and save hours

For 2% of what you pay your drivers, you could have them deliver 20% more packages


Gomove Elevate are all about optimize operations, improve customer experience and all current & processes.

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Everything in OPERATE
10 drivers
Smart  damage management
Delivery  confirmation form
Tasks  linking
Driver  chat
Basic API  Integration*
Standard  onboarding
Live  Chat Support


Gomove Innovate are all about building – new capabilities, new innovation, and new modules adapted for our customers.

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Everything in ELEVATE
AI-Powered  Real-Time Routing & optimization
Automatic  Delivery Appointment Booking
AI-Based  Auto-Allocation
Just-in-Time  Order Prep
Reverse  Logistics
Billing  on the GO
Team Synchro
Advanced API  Integration*
Premium onboarding and implementation
Phone & Live Chat Support
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Everything you need to make delivery easy. All in One place.

Route, track, and manage your delivery operation, with no map books, no local area knowledge, and no learning curve; just multiple optimized routes, driver tracking, and customer notifications, in just a few clicks.

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