Can you trust your third-party delivery partner?

There are many important questions to ask when dealing with third-party delivery partners. You need to make sure they’re reliable and trustworthy

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Can you trust your third-party delivery partner?

There are many important questions to ask when dealing with third-party delivery partners. You need to make sure they’re reliable, trustworthy, and capable of doing the job properly. But if you’re going to let someone else handle your deliveries, you also need to make sure they’re responsible and accountable in case something goes wrong or they cause damages during the delivery process. A good way to encourage them to take more responsibility is by providing a simple and clear process that helps them improve their performance and behavior in order to reduce mistakes. Accidents will happen and let's talk about them.

How To Handle Damage In Your Customer's Home

It is inevitable, there will be a hole in the wall of your customer or a scratch on his newly ordered product during the installation. They will call you one day or another, be sure of it! Depending on the size of your business, these calls can even happen daily.

As the seller, even with a well-written contract, in their eyes, you are responsible for all damages done to your customer's property while your team was inside their home.

There are a few things you will need to do to regain your customer's trust such as offering them credits in your stores or even paying for the repair done in their house. As said earlier, even if legally you are not obliged of anything, you may want to settle with your customer instead of going public!

When dealing with a third-party delivery company, as most of you are, the best way to lower the chances of accidents is to improve your team's behavior and guide them through the best practice of delivery. If an accident happens, with the right tools, you will be able to document properly the accident and save a lot of money and your reputation. Spoiler alert; Gomove was built on this premise.

What If You Didn’t Cause The Damage?

It is not uncommon to see false claims from customers saying that a wall has been damaged during the delivery. After all, do you have any proof to refute their claims?

The reason behind these false claims is very simple, obtain a discount of any form. The only way to effectively protect yourself against these claims or any claims for that matter is to keep complete records of the delivery journey. Our software and mobile applications allow your drivers to log automatically everything when delivering to your customers. You can even create your own legal document to have your customers sign when receiving their products. For each customer, a report can be automatically generated to ensure you have all the right information at the right time.

Our software is driving your team to follow a process that will make you win all your battles whether you want, or not, to compensate your customers after all.

Improving your driver's behaviour

Managing a third-party delivery partner is probably one of your biggest headaches. Some of them can be unreliable. Then, the problem might not end there. Displaying acceptance of a driver's bad behaviour may cause them to become more relaxed with other company policies, and you may find that the overall quality of work and work ethic of the team decreases.

It shouldn't be so hard. Easily you can gain control over that chaos and change their behaviour for good with our software. We use cutting-edge technology to help monitor and improve driver performance in real-time. Track them on GPS, track their speed, habits, routes, etc. Generate full reports on your drivers to see who is performing better. Our driver's behaviour module can monitor their ability to deliver on time, their ratings when dealing with customers, and help them with their product installation.

Create your own success story

Our management software is not only for route management, it is also focused on improving your team's performance. Gomove can help in many ways.

First, it can provide your team with key information and metrics about their performance, allowing you to identify areas for improvement. Secondly, mistakes can cost hundreds of dollars to fix, make sure that the right party is taking responsibility for those errors by holding them accountable. The more data points you have from within your system, the better control you have over your third party.

You will be able to see things like; who damaged your truck, which driver is arriving late and how are they acting with your customers.  Create accountability for each team member within your organization. The system helps with creating a process from start to finish, which makes the management of drivers easier over time.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Successful organizations thrive when they have efficient employees and processes.

How can you improve the quality of your deliveries, installations, and customer experience with technology?

Try Gomove, build consistency and get real results.

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